Bewusster Genuss in entspannter Atmosphäre


Whey nature - nourishes, regulates and regenerates

Organic mare and goat milk products from St. Leonhard!


Historic records show that mare’s milk was already very much appreciated in antiquity. Scientific studies confirm its high health value.

As an attractive alternative to cow’s milk, it is particularly easy to digest and its unique composition promotes intestinal health. In combination with goat’s milk, St. Leonhard’s Stuzi cheese, with its incomparable taste, is produced.

The mare’s milk used comes exclusively from our own horse breeding in the original nature of the Bavarian foothills of the Alps. It goes without saying that the philosophy of the family business is also consistently implemented in the production of the innovative mare’s milk products. This ensures that the foals receive only mare’s milk for at least six weeks after birth. The drink from their mother until they are completely full.

Only the surplus milk is used for production.

Of course, no additives are used during further processing.