Falkenhof Spa

Vitality concept



What do you need, what do you desire, what do you want to achieve for your health?

Our vision

Natural life and happiness.

Our goal

You will feel at home in light-flooded rooms, relax in healing thermal water, drink living water and enjoy fine organic delicacies. You feel light and free after a treatment and take valuable knowledge for your health home with you. Because your joy in life also strengthens your health. We are there for you, talk about your needs with you and open up new paths to health.

Our Philosophy

Positive feelings and thoughts strengthen our health. Happy moments are healthier than always doing “the right thing”. We are convinced that we create our own world with thoughts. So every person is also his own best healer. The Falkenhof is a source of inspiration – your personal source of health.

What makes Falkenhof unique?

Cordiality, attention and a holistic vitality concept.