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Thermal water healing indications

In 1938 the Reichsbodenforschung searched for gas and oil. The well went down to a depth of 1000m and from there 56°C hot water gushed to the surface. The use of the spring was strictly forbidden because there was to competition between the spa resorts Karlsbad, Marien and Franzensbad. Only after the Second World War was the spring used by the members of a refugee camp. The extraordinary healing power of the sulphurous water was discovered in the following years. The composition of the thermal water is unique in Europe 

and causes a complete change of mood in the organism and thus a restoration of the body’s defences. The spa doctors recommend a maximum bathing time of 20 minutes and a rest of at least 20 minutes. After bathing you weigh approx. 500g less. Please drink plenty of water to keep the water balance in balance. Two baths at intervals of approx. 8 hours are ideal. After the bath you should cool your legs well up to your knee with the help of the Kneipp hose. Preventively and for protection of vein problems.

General prevention and regeneration

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