Upon drinking St. Leonhards living waters you will feel the vitalizing effect of the classic healing method.

Water in abundance

Water is one of the most important elements at the Bio Thermalhotel Falkenhof. The power of water works preventatively and regeneratively.
By bathing in our thermal panorama pool/36°C and drinking the living waters of St. Leonhards.

Let us inspire you with the following short film about St. Leonhards springs.

St. Leonhards – the living waters

There are 4 water bars at the Bio Thermalhotel Falkenhof. You may choose between 9 different waters at any times. We recommend you take a free sensory test, which is offered twice a week.

The sensory water test   
Home-grown vegetables taste much better than vegetables grown in green houses. Even a self-picked apple is tastier. It is the same with the water we daily drink. Only in direct comparison we realize that there are differences in quality and taste. During the sensory water test your sense of taste will lead you to your individual water. You will find your personal water!

Mr. Johann Abfalter sen. took over St. Leonhardsquelle about 20 years ago. He is especially convinced by its energetic analysis data and his own positive experience.

“After realizing the power of living water, I wanted to build a water-pharmacy. Living water is a source of health, as it includes information for our body to stay healthy and return to its balance. The whole human body – every cell and every organ – works at different frequencies. Organs, like musical instruments, sometimes get out of tune and deviate from their original, healthy frequency. Sometimes organs only work on limited energy. This often constitutes the beginning of disorders.
The healing process in our body can be stimulated through the frequencies in living water, just like tuning forks can be made to swing by other tuning forks of the same key.”
Johann Abfalter senior
You would like to enjoy the living water before your arrival? Just input your post code at the top of the dedicated website and you will find a St. Leonhards seller in your area.